Sunday, November 19, 2006

Poetry on Wheels: Poetry On the Buses Anthology

Say "Poetry On the Buses" to someone and watch their eyes brighten.

Who doesn't prefer poetry placards to advertisements for "How You Can Be Kidney Stone Free"? Okay, so I set the bar pretty low, but I believe poems placed in public spaces and chosen for themes such as "lost and found" and "self portrait" do elevate our everyday lives, or at least mine. It seems over a hundred poets in our new anthology Poetry on Wheels: An Anthology of King County's Poetry On Buses Program 1997-2005 might just agree.

2:00 PM, Sunday, December 10th at the Seattle Central Library we are launching this new anthology that will feature bus poets Madeline DeFrees, Kelli Russell Agodon, Dana Elkin, Paul Hunter, Joan Swift, Martha Silano and many others who will be on hand to read their work. The anthology is arriving just in time for (what we hope) is your holiday pleasure. For a mere $10 it can be your gift to Aunt Elsie or Uncle Bob. We hope you'll get on the bus and come join us.

On another note: manuscripts for our chapbook award are beginning to arrive in the office. We're looking forward to another year of good reading. Thank you for being part of the Floating Bridge Family. We're proud to have you at the table.


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