Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pontoon 10 is Here!

...and it's beautiful.

You will not find a better record of poetry in the northwest corner of the US, no better document of the diversity of poetic talent here.

Our Pontoon 10 contributors include:

Sally Albiso, Emily Benson, Laurie Blauner, Allen Braden, Ronda Broatch, Donna Mae Brown, Jennifer Bullis, Gabrielle Dean, Anita Feng, Patrick Forgette, Kent Fortin, Anne Fraser, Arthur Ginsberg, John Glowney, Felicia Gonzalez, Carol Gordon, Cora Goss-Grubbs, Thomas Gribble, Iris Gribble-Neal, Jeremy Halinen, Kayt Hoch, Holly J. Hughes, Cal Kinnear, Janet Norman Knox, Jeanne Lohmann, Joanne Barrie Lynn, Erin Malone, Marjorie Manwaring, Natasha Kochicheril Moni, Elizabeth Myhr, Rosanne Olson, Leonard Orr, Thomas Pfau, Dave Rea, Bethany Reid, John Sangster, Amy Schrader, Judith Skillman, Ann Spiers, Holly Thomas, Jeremy Voigt

Under the same beautiful cover, our retrospective section includes:

Kelli Russell Agodon, Sally Albiso, Jeannette Allée, Thomas Aslin, Greg Bachar, Bart E. Baxter, James Bertolino, Lillias Bever, Laurie Blauner, Michael Bonacci, Ronda Broatch, Crysta Casey, L. A. Christiansen, Martha Clarkson, Kevin Coyne, Kevin Craft, Larry Crist, John Davis, Dana Elkun, Jon Fischer, Chris Forhan, Laura Gamache, Pesha Gerler, John Glowney, Chris Gompert, David Gravender, Joseph Green, Iris Gribble-Neal, James Gurley, Mark Halperin, Justin Hart, Esther Altshul Helfgott, Michael G. Hickey, Gregory Hischak, Johnny Horton, Holly Hughes, Kathryn Hunt, Paul Hunter, Rob Jacques, Sybil James, Timothy Kelly, Joannie Kervran-Stangeland, Janet Norman Knox, Sigrun Susan Lane, Erin Malone, Blas Manuel De Luna, Marjorie Manwaring, Martin Marriott, Carlos Martinez, Maureen McQuerry, Lenae Nofziger, Eva M. Olson, Leonard Orr, Nancy Pagh, THomas Pfau, Geoff Pope, Bethan Reid, Mark Reimer, Eli Richardson, Lisa Roullard, John Sangster, Derek Sheffield, Martha Silano, Mark Simpson, Annette Spaulding-Convy, Molly Tenenbaum, Gerald E. Tiffany, Donna Waidtlow, Cody Walker, Kary Wayson, Karl Weyrauch, Josua Marie-Wilkinson, Shari D. Willadson, John Willson, John L. Wright

We will be sending copies of Pontoon to subscribers and contributors over the next weeks. And we are very happy to take orders from interested readers via our website order form and paypal!


Blogger nicu said...

Pontoon... hmmmm it's seems familiar to me! Yes, it reminds me of a game with the same name: Pontoon! Moreover I discovered the link to it: ruleta! By the way, what is the book about? I begin to be interested in it!

11:45 AM  

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