Sunday, September 09, 2012

Chapbook Competition Season is coming!

Fall is in the air today.  Which makes us think of poetry chapbook season. (You too?)  It's time to start polishing those poems you wrote over spring and summer, put them in order, and create a manuscript to send to Floating Bridge Press.  

We discovered these two wonderful how-to videos by Joannie Kervran Stangeland (author of our first FBP publication back in1994, the beautiful chapbook, A Steady Longing for Flight).  Joannie does a terrific job of demonstrating how to create a manuscript, including an automatic Table of Contents, page numbers and some other useful tricks.  This will be very useful this year as we are switching to all-electronic submissions.  

We hope this gets you in the mood. Remember, Floating Bridge Press begins accepting poetry manuscripts on November 1 and will remain open until February 15, 2013.  

And remember, our 2012 winner, Exile on the 45th Parallel by Vancouver poet Jodie Marion, will be published in October.  We hope you will attend her inaugural reading at Hugo House on October 26!


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