Sunday, January 28, 2007

Inside the Competition - Part Two

As the deadline for our chapbook award creeps steadily closer — February 15th is just three weeks away — we will be bringing you a series of postings on the nuts and bolts of our competition. Watch this space for our editors insights as well as stories from former chapbook winners.

This week we invite Kelli Russell Agodon to share her ideas on the chapbook process, production, and product. Kelli's book, Geography, won the Floating Bridge Chapbook Award in 2003. She has since gone on to publish a book length collection, Small Knots, with Word Press, 2004 as well as accruing many other honors.

We've asked Kelli to offer her personal insights into the publishing process. One thing you may be interested to learn is that Geography traveled the rounds of several contests before it found a home with Floating Bridge and, in fact, the editors here saw the manuscript more than once as well - but let's let her tell the tale in her own words . . .

Susan Rich
Editor, Floating Bridge Press


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