Friday, November 26, 2010

Submission Are Open!

Just to gently remind you that Floating Bridge Press is open for submissions and looking forward to reading your chapbook manuscript.

We publish one chapbook each year, the winner of our annual chapbook competition (this year's winner is The Chewbacca on Hollywood Boulevard Reminds Me of You by Laura Read of Spokane). In addition to our chapbook, we publish one issue of Floating Bridge Review. which includes some of our favorite individual poems from the chapbook competition. So you have two opportunities for publication!

Please refer to our guidelines and note that we only accept submissions from Washington State.



Our first edition of Elizabeth Austen's chapbook, The Girl Who Goes Alone, has completely sold out! Quite a remarkable feat in just seven months. So we've reprinted this marvelous collection, just this once, so a few more discerning readers can discover Elizabeth Austen's wry and soulful take on what it is to be human, and what it is to be female, in this second decade of the twenty-first century.
Order Here

Don't forget that "On Punctuation" was featured on The Writers Almanac with Garrison Keillor on October 15: Writer's Almanac

We're very proud of The Girl Who Goes Alone, and want to announce that Elizabeth Austen's first full-length collection will appear in Spring 2011 with Blue Begonia Press.

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