Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Floating Bridge Review 2011 Gala!

We are very excited about the lineup for our 2011 Gala Reading, featuring 34 of our authors reading one poem each. Please join us on Friday, July 29 at 7:00 at the Jack Straw Studios in Seattle's University District. Not only will you get a chance to hear some terrific poetry, you're invited to stay for an informal reception. All welcome--this is a free event.

Our readers:

Helen Puciloski
Sierra Nelson
Michael Schein
Melinda Mueller
Connie Walle
Linda Strever
Ed Harkness
George Such
Bill Freeberg
Bethany Reid
Jed Myers
Patrick Forgette
Alice Derry
Kent Chadwick
Denise Calvetti
Esther Helfgott
Ronda Broatch
Michael Spence
Anne Pitkin
Sibyl James
Jim Bertolino
Teresa Wiley
Eileen Duncan
Craig Kenworthy
Terry Persun
Axel Shoes
Diane Walker
Ted Lord
Elizabeth Myhr
Koon Woon
Kristin Henry
Judith Roche
Judith Borenin
Jodie Marion

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Y'all sending out comp copies anytime soon? :)

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